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Delivering to the doorsteps of customers the best quality Rice....

About Us

Rice is the staple food that is to be found in almost every kitchen around the world. Be it an exotic dish that is served in a fancy restaurant or a quick to consume meal, Rice is an ingredient that is most certainly used in various forms. We, Degon Agro Pvt. Ltd., know what significance of rice holds in our daily life, and that is why we are engaged in producing and delivering most commendable quality in a huge variety.

We are operational as a manufacturer that makes available Kaima Rice, Biryani Rice, Jeera Samba Rice, and a lot more to its clients. If we talk about the quality, then we simply state that we have maintained machines, that help us closely inspect our products. Our machines are sincerely utilized to separate every bit of small stone, dust, or any other particles, and further polish rice so that it can be gladly availed by our clients.

Why Choose Our Company?

Quality is not the only factor that gives us the confidence to be chosen by the customers. We behave in a most ethical manner, and ensure that it is the etiquette of our company at times of business deal that customers will praise the most. Our first focus is to win the heart of our customers, and to show them that if there is any best company in market at providing them benefits, it is us. Some things we do to be primarily chosen by our clients are:-
  • We always pack our products in material that will keep it safe and fresh for a longer time.
  • We never do any work in a manner that will be unjust to our reputation.
  • We deliver our offerings prior to deadline in a manner that customers always appreciate.

To always remain a company that serves the best quality rice to its customers. We have a dream that one day not only customers within the national boundaries, but of other countries will praise us. Customers who will prefer us over any other company will always get their hands on most commendable quality rice, that they might not be able to avail from any other company.